The bridge of despairs - The bridge Of ignorances
Joy as a sadness - Love as a cry
Dead recollections - alive dreams
As gardens of loneliness - as gardens Of phantasms
Closed worlds, empty spaces
Inaccessible walls, shut out time
Queer look, false fear
As a rotting beauty, as a burnt forest
The blind’s tears

Being dazzled with enchantment
They saw what’s never seen before
They began everything
And they’ll finish that all
Then their time will be stopped
They didn’t like to believe
They wished to touch
To imagine what is beyond belief
They wished to possess themselves of all
They saw a beauty, a wonderful shine
It dispelled their despair of bygone

They saw what everybody
Wished to see
But then their time will be stopped
Deceiful creatures called a human
Beings. Musty remains of the past life
Endless curiosity
The time that will be never coming back
Recollections have stayed here, dead

As gardens of solitude, as
Gardens of phantasms
Captured walls, stopped time
Joy as a sadness, love as tears.